PoZdro! Guidebook – a unique health treasure trove

Small changes to habits – big successes in health! Medicover Foundation’s Pozdro! Guidebook is a comprehensive handbook containing both theoretical knowledge and practical advice for healthy living.

Bringing together wide-range information about healthy eating and physical activity, the book also explores the challenges facing both parents and teenagers in today’s world and gives valuable guidance on how to deal with them. The guidebook is divided into different sections.

In the guidebook, Doctor' highlight the growing problem of lifestyle diseases and explain why it is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle's, starting today. Furthermore Dieticians give advice on the amount of meals necessary during the day and psychologists provide tips for motivation and how to successfully introduce new habits into our daily routine. There is also a selection of recipes for delicious healthy and easy meals and exercise program's with photos and guidelines. A real health treasure trove!

The electronic version of the PoZdro! Guidebook is available free of charge.


Profits from the sale of hard copies go to support Medicover Foundation’s statutory activities. The PoZdro! Guidebook was prepared not only with the children at risk of diabetes type 2 in mind and their families but also for everyone who wants to ensure a healthier future!