Multimedia lessons

In order to educate the younger generation and to support schools in providing knowledge about and raising awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Medicover Foundation has developed the

PoZdro! Multimedia Lessons.

The idea is to support both parents and schools with the very highest quality health education to help them raise healthier kids.

Multimedia lessons

The Multimedia Lessons are a free educational package aimed at junior high school students that provides comprehensive knowledge about healthy living in a modern and innovative way. Materials are divided into three topics designed for teaching over four school hours.

Students learn about important nutrients , daily meal planning, how to read food product labels as well as about the importance of physical activity for their well-being.

The package includes:

11 animations,

workbook for each pupil,

lesson plans for teachers allowing easy lesson planning and preparation

Medicover Foundation has prepared 40,000 sets of the Lessons which are available free to any school that wants to use them.

The plan for the future is for all schools in Poland to be able to teach the PoZdro! Multimedia Lessons and for all students in Poland to have access to them.

The PoZdro! Multimedia Lessons have the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Education and the Centre for Education Development.

When questioned, 100% of the teachers said the PoZdro! Multimedia Lessons enriched their lessons. Furthermore all the teachers and students found the knowledge presented was very interesting and engaging.

Most satisfyingly of all, 95% of the students questioned said they have more knowledge after the lessons. Here is some of the feedback from students:

What we learn can be used right away, starting today –when you go to a shop to buy bread


Thanks to the PoZdro! Multimedia Lessons I started reading food product labels to check which product is healthier.