Gdynia – A municipal health policy programme for prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity among the youth in Gdynia in the years 2018 – 2020

All schools in Gdynia participate in the programme, with over 1,400 children as end beneficiaries. The programme’s comprehensive and long-term activities will allow not only to improve the health-related outcomes, but also to raise awareness of the problem and encourage changes in behaviour – both in the students participating in the programme and in the parents of children with overweight. Consequently, the results of the programme will be evident long after its completion.

  • Diagnosis

    The ESMS check-ups are delivered in schools by a nurse and an assistant. Although these tests are safe and non-invasive, they are only carried out after the consent of the child’s parents / legal guardians.

  • Individual sessions with our experts (6 sessions)

    • doctor
    • dietitian
    • psychologist
    • physical exercise coach
    • lab tests (delivered by Synevo Labs)
  • Group classes

    • sports classes
  • Educational workshops

    both face-to-face and webinars

    As part of the programme we offer:

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